• Turn low loss SiN into a low cost, high-speed versatile transceiver and processing platform for inter- and intra-DCI applications by equipping the platform with:
    • two-layer SiN waveguide technology
    • Plasmonic slot modulators
    • Uni-Travelling Carrier PDs
  • Demonstrate CMOS plasmonic Resonance Enhanced Modulators (REMs) and IQ modulators on SiN for 112Gbaud intra-and inter-DC interconnects
  • Develop a mechanism for thermal stabilization (Plasmonic Thermal Stabilizer-PTS) of plasmonic REMs
  • Deploy an optical 112Gbaud Coherent Receiver assisted by Optical Reservoir Neuromorphic Processing (NP) for DSP free operation
  • Deploy low cost 112Gbaud PAM4 electronics for energy efficient transceivers
  • Deploy 8-channel arrays of O-band and C-band modulators with flip-chip compatible optical I/O coupler
  • Deploy a C-band SiP 8x112Gbaud-16 QAM (3.2Tb/s) transceiver for inter-DC interconnects
  • Co-package of ASIC and 1.6Tbps O-band driverless transmitter for next Generation 50Tb/s switches
  • Validate NEBULA transceiver technology in real world intra- and inter-DCI applications
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