• Turn low loss SiN into a low cost, high-speed versatile transceiver and processing platform for inter- and intra-DCI applications by equipping the platform with:
    • two-layer SiN waveguide technology
    • Plasmonic slot modulators
    • Uni-Travelling Carrier PDs
  • Demonstrate CMOS plasmonic Resonance Enhanced Modulators (REMs) and IQ modulators on SiN for 112Gbaud intra-and inter-DC interconnects
  • Develop a mechanism for thermal stabilization (Plasmonic Thermal Stabilizer-PTS) of plasmonic REMs
  • Deploy an optical 112Gbaud Coherent Receiver assisted by Optical Reservoir Neuromorphic Processing (NP) for DSP free operation
  • Deploy low cost 112Gbaud PAM4 electronics for energy efficient transceivers
  • Deploy 8-channel arrays of O-band and C-band modulators with flip-chip compatible optical I/O coupler
  • Deploy a C-band SiP 8x112Gbaud-16 QAM (3.2Tb/s) transceiver for inter-DC interconnects
  • Co-package of ASIC and 1.6Tbps O-band driverless transmitter for next Generation 50Tb/s switches
  • Validate NEBULA transceiver technology in real world intra- and inter-DCI applications
The NEBULA project is an initiative of the Photonics Public Private Partnership and has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No. 871658.
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